2013 Honda CR-Z Facelift revealed in Indonesia: Details and Features

It seems that today is the day of all immediate future plans and not so immediate that pass by Honda. If the first thing in the morning we met they will launch a new Honda Civic Type R and an SUV compact, now we have finally seen what the facelift of the 2013 Honda CR-Z Facelift that the Japanese firm will present in Europe in the Paris Salon.

A few days ago we saw one first teaser that left little to see anything, but now we have images of the whole body. Surprisingly, Honda did not wait to Paris but has revealed this facelift in the Hall of Jakarta (Indonesia), a living room Asian grows in importance every year.

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2013 Honda CR-Z Facelift revealed in Jakarta (Indonesia)

2013 honda cr z 2013 Honda CR Z Facelift revealed in Indonesia: Details and Features

2013 Honda CR-Z Facelift

It was hoped that the redesign is deeper than it really is, as hard to find the differences at a glance. At the front, the only change is the elimination of the horizontal bars of the grill to make way for a honeycomb lattice that always gives it a more sporty cars. Both headlamps as the shape of the bumper appreciable unchanged.

2013 Honda CR-Z Facelift Features

In side view as usual except that we have added a new design 17-inch wheels , so that you can see in the images taken live in that room. At the rear highlights the presence of a new rear diffuser , and now the technology headlamps LED 100 %. No pictures of the interior, but the source notes that the photographer could see two-tone interior in black and red, which is not very common in Japanese cars.

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2013 honda crz jakarta 2013 Honda CR Z Facelift revealed in Indonesia: Details and Features

Besides its cosmetic changes, the most important seems to be that it is in its mechanics, as Honda has finally decided to put some more of chicha . Although the firm has not yet ruled on the matter, the source claims that the renewed Honda CR-Z has been an evolution in hybrid engine. The current version is rated at 122 hp and a maximum torque of 173 Nm, but the facelift will have an output of 134 hp and a torque of 190 Nm .

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These figures correspond to the manual transmission version, but be incorporated to offer an automatic transmission type CVT with which the car delivers 133 hp and a maximum torque of 172 Nm, the worst figures of variant manually . In both cases, a new program incorporates additional driving the two are there now (normal and sport) called Sport Plus System, which improves the car’s response at the expense of penalizing consumption.

2013 honda crz facelift jakarta 2013 Honda CR Z Facelift revealed in Indonesia: Details and Features
For now all we have are some cosmetic changes, but it is very likely that these improvements in the engine are true. In a few days we will know more details of the 2013 Honda CR-Z and see all the press photos and live nuetras photographs taken at the Paris Salon.

2013 Honda CR-Z Facelift

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